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Приключения финнов в Америке.

Оказывается, в Северо-Американских Соединенных Штатах вплоть до 1908 года финны не считались белыми людьми!

Are Finns White?

This issue came up in the comments to a post from earlier in the week. Before you answer that question with the obvious no, note that this was a real issue in American history.

John Svan was a Finnish immigrant to the United States. He came to this country sometime before 1882. But he was not considered white by the United States government. Why? He carried with him the blood of his “Mongolian” ancestors. This meant he could not become a citizen. Various laws were passed in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, restricting US citizenship to those of the white and black races. These laws were intended to discriminate against Asians, but what about Finns. Were they white? The Finns were not helped in these discussions by their reputation for political radicalism, which also led people to question their whiteness. Finns were much more likely than most groups to join socialist or anarchist groups and played major roles in many labor struggles of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

This is from the 1908 court decision deciding that, in fact, Finns are white.


В конце 19 - начале 20 веков в САСШ действовали законы, ограничивающие натурализацию для лиц небелого происхождения. По этим законам финны не могли получить американское гражданство вплоть до 1908 года, когда решением суда они все-таки были признаны белыми людьми.

Именно поэтому финны гораздо чаще, чем представители других наций становились членами радикальных групп - анархистов и социалистов. И создали себе соответствующую репутацию.
Вот такие вот горячие финно-монгольские парни, да.

З.Ы. Думаю, что для kommari это будет особенно интересно :)
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